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Niel Chapman

Niel Chapman

With over 25 years’ IT experience in various industries, Niel is a fervent technologist with a passion for IT Security. During his career, he has acquired broad knowledge around most technology domains within small and medium business as well as  enterprise environments with Information Security being at the forefront. He has a risk centric, outcomes-based approach and thrives on influencing, coaching and mentoring people. He is an Agile evangelist, having worked with teams implementing the framework for the last 10 years and has successfully helped teams adopt and/or perfect their use of the framework. He thrives on helping people and organisations become more successful, whether its businesses gaining control of their IT Security and Risk management or individuals developing their IT career.

Niel has held high profile positions such as Global Head of Network Operations (Investec Bank), Chief Information Security Officer (SecureCom) as well as Head of IT Architecture to name a few. Niel has worked all over the world - specifically United Kingdom, across Europe, United States, South Africa and New Zealand. Niel holds a number of industry qualifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), TOGAF9.2 Enterprise Architect and certified Agile SCRUM Product Owner. He also holds several Diplomas in Information security and a number of vendor centric certifications.


We spend so much of our lives establishing ourselves and gaining experience. I always looked up to people I used to work for and wondered what their secret was. What was it that made them sit on that side of the table and what would I have to do to sit there? I expected there was some dark magic involved.

Fast forward a few years and I have discovered the secret. The most important person at that table wasn't my leader or manager, it was me. Their entire objective was to enable me to be the best version of "me" I could be. Now, I want to pass that on and enable people to be the best versions of themselves, but I'm ambitious, I want to do it at a business wide level. So what better way, than spending my time leaning in on my experience and helping companies with their security posture. Security enables business, without it businesses can fail quickly. Businesses are successful because of their people, so my goal is simple, work in my field of expertise and passion and help people with their business security, its a win-win!

- Niel Chapman