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Who are we ?

Who are we ?

Cybergrape is The Black Kite distribution agent for New Zealand & Australia, extending to the the rest of Asia.

Our head office is registered in New Plymouth with primary operations in Auckland, New Zealand. We also have points of presence in Bisbane and Sydney in Australia, extending our global reach with partners in United States of America, United Kingdom and South Africa.

Our story first began during the first Covid-19 2020 lockdown, Niel Chapman and Luke Baker (Co-Founders) had teamed up on a popular ethical hacking site and had managed to gain high rank in New Zealand within weeks. Having proven to ourselves we had what it takes, we wanted take the next step to assist companies with their security needs – and CyberGrape was born.

We have 3 guiding principles

  • Protect clients from malicious actors
  • Use our skills to help those who have different skills
  • Keep it simple

Next Step, define a differentiator and they went on a "tools' hunt.

Despite a number of false starts, through their extensive global professional network, we discovered a new player in the "Third Party Risk Management" market Black Kite (formerly Normshield) and was naturally drawn to their innovation and fresh approach. Within a short period, CyberGrape was registered as THE partner for ANZ and have been working tirelessly on using the Black Kite platform, to assist many New Zealand companies.